Serenity Dreams Glowing Crescent Moon Wall Art




Serenity Dreams is an eight inch hand painted crescent moon on one inch thick, hand cut pine wood. There is a hanger on the back.

Beautiful soft seafoam color with a delicate swirly dot design in blue, green and dark purple. This item is much prettier in person. This moon charges with uv light and will glow in the dark. The aqua is actually a very light absorbing color and most light sources will charge the glow. Sunlight is best, so a sunny spot is good so it will absorb the light energy during the day. A uv flashlight will charge it will anytime also.

I use a non toxic phosphorescent pigment that will recharge and glow for many, many years. This item has several layers applied for maximum glow effect. I also use professional art paint and mediums, sealed with a protective clear coat. I love glow in the dark but also beautiful things (in the daylight). With my art I strive to bring them together.

It is so magical to see the crescent moon glow in the dark of the night. Perfect for a childs room also.  Shipping free in the USA.


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