About Me

Thank you for visiting my art site. I am an artist from Los Angeles now living in New Orleans. I grew up in the 80s and 90s, and have moved back and forth a few times, now making New Orleans my permanent home. I miss Los Angeles dearly and both places influence my art so much.

I have followed a creative path in life because it is the only kind I have known. Losing my mother at the end of my teen years catapulted me into the real world. On the brink of womanhood, I was unrestrained by any maternal advice or concerns, so I made my way with the survival instincts I had learned from the very person I was missing. I had lots of ups and downs, I had fun, I traveled and made lots of friends. I learned a lot about myself and the world around me.

My drive and some help along the way has brought me full circle today to the person I have always wanted to be. Through many trials, some success and lots of failure (from which I quickly try to move on), I have learned how to live a happy life.

Painting is something I have always adored. The liquid color fascinates me. I have always been drawn to the beauty of contrast and tones. I love fluid art because it allows me to get messy with lots of paint and make non-boring art. The colors excite me!

I learned jewelry design in high school. Metal fabrication, soldering, gemstone setting and more. I was very lucky to go to school in Southern California during a vibrant time. Beads have always been a part of my life. Having been raised by Hippies and a French  Fashionista (my Grandmother from France), I started creating jewelry pieces as a young girl. Adorning myself with things that sparkle was just a part of life. Being obsessed with glow in the dark definitely helped me as I eventually started my own line of glowing jewelry called Glowies®.

Digital art is also something I love and create! I started creating blogs and websites in 1999 and have been working on these things for a long time. Altering digital photos in programs like Photoshop and now Procreate are so much fun, but also time consuming. Now with new technology I am able to create more digital images at a faster pace, and while not all of these items make it into the real world, the magic and inspiration is amazing and I love to share these images with the world.

I am finally in a place where I can create and be more unrestrained, and this site is to share my art. I still have my glow in the dark jewelry creations at glowies.net, which enables me to venture into other areas like this art. I am so lucky. Thank you for peeking into my world.

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